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Hemp Based CBD Pet Products

We have already discussed the fact that CBD oils interact with our endocannabinoid system (ECS) to provide relief from inflammation as well as to promote health and wellness. Well, guess what? Dogs and cats also have an active endocannaboid system and appear to benefit from Elite CBD Online products in much the same way as their human owners do. Although cannabis can be toxic and shouldn't be given to your pets, hemp oil is the key piece to the wellness puzzle, as it provides many of the same benefits and seems capable of revolutionizing veterinary medicine. Unlike THC, cannabidoil (CBD) does not produce euphoric sensations and is safe for pet consumption. Of the plethora of benefits noticed from CBD oil, most people use CBD oil for dogs and cats to help with anxiety problems and pain relief. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce painful swelling in joints caused by arthritis and other degenerative diseases. As similar to epilepsy treatments in humans, CBD is proven to reduce the duration of seizures as well as the total number of seizures in pets. Moreover, CBD's compounds affect a pet's endocannabinoid system to produce calming effects and reduce anxiety. Early studies have suggested that CBD has positive symptom effects for some forms of cancer and may even help fight cancerous cell growth. Moreover, research is being conducted on CBD ability to reduce the impact of neurological diseases through the canine or feline endocannabinoid system. As is the case with their owners, dogs and cats can get dementia as they age. Unfortunately, these disorders can lead to seizures where the pet convulses in agonizing positions similar to a human sufferer. In a newly released study compiled at Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital, 89% of the pets that received CBD treatments had a reduction in frequency of seizures. Even with the reported drop in seizure rates, there is no way to know if these would have happened without the CBD treatment regimen. However, at this time, the CBD oil seems to correlate with a reduction of seizures and an improvement in mood and appetite for companion animals. Most veterinarians today have nothing definitive to say about CBD products due to legality issues that still remain in some states. So, your veterinarian may not be able to discuss the use of CBD oil unless it is specifically derived from hemp, which is all of the CBD pet products distributed by Elite CBD Online. While other strains may be grown for differing reasons, our hemp products are specifically grown to contain higher levels of CBD oils. Hemp oil products are definitely a hot commodity nowadays and Elite CBD Online carries a good selection of edible CBD products for dogs and cats as well as edibles for their owners. It is however crucial to remember that marijuana should never be administered to cats or dogs and even CBD treats should be stored out of sight and reach. After all, most pets would eat more than they should of any stashed treat they might find.